Parkside Antiques


We have collected plenty of hardware to help you actually use your vintage salvage. Here is an idea of what all we have, but please call or email us for your specifics so we can create a custom hardware package for you. We have presented a price range but again, we will work with you on the pricing depending on the amount and kind of hardware you need.

A variety of doorknob sets from the late 1800’s through the 1940’s. Clear and colored glass, wooden, porcelain, and brass. Prices range from $15/set and up.

Door Handle
Entry door solid brass handle. $45

Door Stops
A variety of wood and brass door stops. Wood $15 each, brass $35.

Drawer Pulls and Knobs
A variety of pulls in wood, glass, brass, and iron. From plain to ornate. There are multiples (2-8) of many of the samples. Prices range from $5 and up.

Brass and iron keyhole, door plates, doorknob, and latches. Prices range from $10 and up.

Brass and iron. Some are one, two and three pronged. $3 and up.

Glass and brass bars with brass holders. A variety of lengths and thicknesses to choose from. Prices range from $35 and up.

Cast iron lock backs and slide latches. Set of 2 lock backs and a slide latch. $20

Wrought iron 8 ¼”x15”. $35 each large/$25 each small