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Cabinet Doors

Also look at our “window” inventory for cabinet doors. We also have a large collection of shutters that could be used for cabinet doors. We do not have a separate web category for these yet, but some are pictured and priced under "Miscellaneous". These cabinet doors are solid wood and could be incorporated into any new kitchen or wall cabinet design.


CAB #1
Refinished and painted. 6 glass panes (2 over3), brush nickel handle and hinges. 17¾”x42¼”, ¾” thick: $50

CAB #2
Unfinished 6 glass panes (2 over 3), one missing, painted both sides, 17¾”x42¼”, ¾” thick: $25

CAB #5 & CAB #6
Four panels, painted both sides. 18 1/8”x37½”, ¾” thick: $20 each

CAB #7 and #8
Five panels , painted both sides. 18 1/8”x47¼”, ¾” thick: $30 each

W19, 20, 21
One of these library cabinet doors is left. Painted with brown stain, each has a latch and hinge and 12 panes of glass (3 over 4). Top three are smaller (8”x7”) than others (8”x10”). Each door 30”Wx47”H. Over 100 years old. Excellent condition.
$75 each

W24 & 25
Beautiful brown stained, original diamond clear glass panes. Large cabinet doors but each could also serve as a window. Each has latches and hinges and are 30¼”Wx35”H. Over 100 years old. W24 has a slight crack in one pane and W25 is missing 2 panes.
$65 each or both for $120

CAB #13 & #14
Butler pantry 4 panel doors, unpainted both sides, one side clear varnish,and in great condition. Pine with hinges and latches. 18 ¼”Wx48”H: $50 each and $95 pair

CAB #15
Chestnut, 3 panels, 1” thick. Good condition. Unpainted both sides. 47”x34 1/8” $50

CAB #16
Chestnut, 3 panels, 1” thick. Good condition. Painted one side. 47”x35 ¼” $35

CAB #18
100 plus year old library door. Original glass 3 over 4 (12 panes). 23 ¾”Wx36”H. Unpainted with clear varnish. Beautiful. $85

CAB #20
Vintage, 3 panels, painted two sides with original metal latch. Good condition. 36”Hx17 3/4”W and 36"x18". One was cut down 1/4".
$60/pair or $35 each

5 panels, painted white both sides, good condition, includes hardware. 2'x4' $50

New leaded glass pane doors with locking hinge hardware. 14 1/2"x27 1/4" $65/pair

Custom pine and glass cabinet doors (2 in stock). 30"Wx4'Ht.Great condition.$100 each or $175 for both

Pair of custom pine companion doors to CAB28. 30"Wx33"Ht., great condition $50 each or $80 for both

Butler Pantry Doors
1880's hard pine stripped. 3 doors 18"x48" and 3 doors 24"Wx18"Ht., with hardware. $150

A 1920's set of two doors, 24"x36"x5/8" thick, 2/3 glass panes, hardware included $65