Parkside Antiques

Idea Portfolio

Rich and Peg have plenty of ideas for recycling and using architectural salvage and antique furniture or pieces of antique furnishings. It’s fun, unique, and affordable. Here are a few ideas from our portfolio. Call us at 609.399.1944!


Porch railings were saved from a house demolition and reused. Old shutters and windows were used to dress up the outside of a storage room.

Anything can be used as a planter especially old ornate porcelain toilets.

Dress up a high ceiling with an old stained glass door with back lighting. Also hang vintage heirlooms.

Forget expensive window treatments and hang an old stained glass window in front of an existing window.

Or hang an interesting window in front of a plain window.

Cut a shallow recess into your wall and use an old window for a cabinet door.

This is an Eastlake carving from a broken bed headboard used to dress up some hallway doors.

This is a beautiful piece from a broken dresser mirror again used over a doorway.