Parkside Antiques

Wood Salvage

Our largest inventory of wood is American Chestnut, salvaged from an early 1900’s home. Early in the 20th century, chestnut blight was introduced to North America by the importation of Asian chestnut plants. This resulted in the subsequent destruction of an estimated 4 billion American Chestnut trees over the next 40 years, and what had been the most important tree throughout the east coast was reduced to insignificance. The wood is similar to oak in being decorative and very durable. It has disappeared from the market except through architectural salvage and reclaimed lumber. Our woodwork was signed and dated on May 16, 1910, by a carpenter named C. Carroll. All the wood was fitted “tongue and groove”. Many of these pieces could be used as "new" wainscotting and finished with our inventory of plate railing and trim. We also have oak board and batten and flooring, newel posts, and old porch posts. Our inventory keeps changing, so please call or visit us.


This piece went up the staircase and has 7 panels. Unpainted one side, back painted white. Dimensions: 66”Hx93” (bottom) x36” (top)x87” (diagonal). Total piece is 1” thick. Could be used as a ceiling or wall piece. Beautiful panel. $150

Also used on staircase with 8 panels. Unpainted both sides, one side finished. Slanted-top length 141” and bottom length 138”x30 ½” H. Total piece is 1” thick. $150

Both sides of this piece are unpainted. 98”Hx30 3/4”W x7/8” thick. Four panels both sides each measuring 34 ½”x10”. $100

Unpainted both sides, one side finished. Beautiful piece. 54”Wx57 1/8”H and 7/8” thick. Four panels each measures 43 ½”x10 ¼”. Would make a stunning headboard for a full bed! $200

Part of a parlor wall and has a cabinet door built into it. Unpainted both sides and finished on one side. 58 ¾” Wx54"H, cabinet door is 20 ¾”Wx13 ½”H. Three large panels measure 7 ½”Wx43 ½”H. Other two panels measure 9”Wx27”H. Overall thickness is 13/16”. $125

Both sides unpainted with one side finished. Main part of panel is 60 ¼”Wx54”H. Four panels each measuring 11”Wx43 ½”H. Overall thickness is 7/8”. Would make a great headboard for a queen bed or flip it and use as a full size headboard! $200

Both sides unpainted with one side finished. Main part measures 57 1/8”Wx54”H. Four panels each measuring 10”Wx43 ½”H. Thickness is 7/8”. Would make a stunning headboard for a full or queen size bed! $200

Unpainted both sides with one side finished. Main part of panel is approximately 32”Wx21 7/8”H. Three panels each measuring 7 5/8”Wx11 3/8”H. Overall thickness is 7/8”. $75

Unpainted both sides with one side finished. About the same as #C10 except that the width of the panels are larger measuring 11 ½”Wx7 5/8”H. Overall size approximately 32”Wx21 7/8”H $75

Part of stair landing. Unpainted both sides, finished one side. Main part of panel measures 22 ½”Wx42”H. $50

We have other loose panels of all sizes. Price is based on size and condition. Call us to discuss your project and see if you could put some of this great wood to use.

Various pieces/sizes of plate rails, moldings, trim, window headers. Widths range from 3 5/8" to 5 1/2", lengths vary. Prices vary with types.

CB1 and CB2
Two chestnut bookcase/benches custom built into the bottom of the staircase. Unpainted. 27”Wx60 ¾”Hx20 ½” deep. Three shelves measure 11 ¾”W, 6 ¾”W, and 5”W. Storage compartments under the seats. $150 each

Unpainted Oak board and batten and more. 35 boards measure 7 1/4"x58", 1/4" thick. 30 plus battens measure 1 7/8"x44 5/8". $4 per board, $1.50 per batten. Plate rails: two 4 foot ($12 each) and a 6 foot section ($20). 10 other pieces each 60 3/4"x4 1/2"x 3/4" thick. $4 per board.

Piece of chestnut with a half moon carved out. 20 ¾”Wx59 ¾”H. Unpainted. Was an ornamental piece on the landing to mimic the sides of the bench/shelves at the stairs’ bottom. Cool piece! $65

One porch post (other one sold) that dates to the late 1800's. Measures 9'3" tall by about 5 1/2" around. $85

Newel Post
Hardwood Newel Post 37 1/2" tall from floor base to top, 6" square. $50

Wooden Rain Gutters
About a century old cedar rain gutters. Add to your house or use creatively in your garden to transport pond and fountain water as a functional design element. One piece measures 18'10", two pieces are 16'9". Width is 4 1/2" and 3 1/2" deep. $65 for larger, $50 each for shorter

Close-up Wooden Gutters

Oak Flooring
Tongue and groove oak flooring. 400 linear feet, planks are 2" wide, approx. 120 sq.ft.$2/sq. foot